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Unlimited Blade Works Trailer
antony89to - 1-19-2010 at 09:55 AM

I think I just wet myself :headbang:

platradiant - 1-19-2010 at 10:21 AM

that guy's voice sounds like sasuke from naruto

Kira427 - 1-19-2010 at 10:56 AM

That guy's voice is Sasuke's voice in Naruto.

mik_108 - 1-19-2010 at 11:39 AM

hey,what's the story on this one? is this similar as the series or something entirely different?
anyway,cool trailer..i want to see Archer fight again..His fight with Berserker in the series was just awesome!!:headbang:

Panda - 1-19-2010 at 12:56 PM

^ i think this is based on one of the arcs in the original visual novel, which isnt in the anime series, but dont quote me on that.

or its a complete remake with that arc included

WhiteDragon - 1-19-2010 at 01:20 PM

it's based off the 2nd arc i believe of the visual novel (as in you get it on your 2nd play through, also named Unlimited Blade Works) and it differs from the first a bit, it delves into different characters...
tho the original anime series wasn't strictly based off of the first arc, you never see Archer's Hogue in the first one in the VN, but they have it in the anime... but yea there is a difference. if you've never gone through the VN it'll be like a rework of the story kinda

GallatNite - 1-19-2010 at 01:46 PM

lol his voice is also ishida from Bleach :)

Kurogashi - 1-19-2010 at 03:16 PM

Dam, I have been looking forward to this ever since I watched FSN during the summer. I expect nothing less than amazing from the same producers as KnK. This will be great.

R-Type - 1-19-2010 at 11:50 PM

I dont remember but wasnt there an animation being worked called fate/zero or something? i might be wrong it was a while back.

afrojan - 1-20-2010 at 01:41 AM

there were plans to make a Fate/Zero but I read it either got scrapped or delayed

sobakchi - 1-22-2010 at 07:53 PM

yeaaaaaa i wanted to see fate zero as well
true assasinssssssssss lol

this is the arc where shirou's arm get torn off?