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New Camera purchase opinions
pr3ciouzboi - 2-28-2013 at 08:14 PM

Hi, so I am slowly interested in getting photography.

There are two cameras that I laid my eyes on.

One is the Sony NEX-5 and the other the Canon T4i.

My spending budget is somewhere in the between 500 and 1000.

Costo has a deal that comes with an extra lens

If I am going with the Sony, this will be the place I will get it from http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+Alpha+NEX5RK+16.1MP+Camera+-+Silver+%26+Extra+55-210+Zoom+Lens/9999197200050029.p?id=pcmprd1963 00050028&skuId=9999197200050029&st=sony%20alpha%20nex&lp=12&cp=1

What I am interested in taking pictures of, nature, objects, night shots of objects e.g. cars, people.

Of course, later down the road all the additional gadgets will need to be purchased but for now, what are your thoughts and recommendations?

I don't want to purchase something and sell it in anytime soon but stick with it for a while.

I've noticed many of you posted great images on here so I hope you are able to help me out on this request.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

takashinippon - 2-28-2013 at 10:02 PM

Go with the Nex-5R, if u can choose the Nex-6; which is alot alot alot better! This is the way to go; light, small and yet DSLR Quality. If ur really really serious and dont mind to carry a big camera everywhere than i guess u should go with a DSLR, but seriously carrying a big camera is awful!!! I think the best mirror-less camera are produced by Sony and FujiFilm

IllusionX - 3-1-2013 at 08:04 AM

I played with the Sony.. very good overall.

ShogunGT - 3-1-2013 at 06:50 PM

Really depends on how far you intend to go with this whole photography thing. A DSLR is not necessarily the go-to solution for better photos because there are so many mirrorless cameras that use the APS-C sized sensor and for a lot of people, that makes a lot more sense than buying an entry lvl DSLR.

I'm speaking from personal experience, because I got the D5100 last year, and while I know I'm not going pro, I'm starting to wonder whether or not getting the D7000 would have been a better choice because I'm running into moments where the entry lvl camera just doesn't cut it. However, I still love my camera because I know there's only so much I will/can do anyway because I'm never going to go pro. (nor would I ever get an actual GoPro for that matter) har har..

If you feel that in the near future, your "getting into photography" is going to evolve into a more high-end thing...i.e..you're really going to purposely spend weekends either photographing for weddings, or hanging by national parks to photograph uber exotic birds, or studio photography, or do ANYTHING close to pro-level shooting, then I suggest getting the NEX-5. I'm not saying this because I'm a Nikon fanboy and just purposely suggesting the non-Canon alternative, but it's just not worth getting an entry lvl DSLR, if you're going to go pro in the future. Get the NEX-5 to get to know your stuff...learn the basics, get a good feel and judgment and when you really do start going pro, pick up something that's NOT a T4i, but maybe a full frame (5D MkIII/6D) or the highest end prosumer camera (7D). Provided you're still going for Canon. Otherwise, the proper model numbers to look for if not Canon, should be D800/D600 and D7100.

This is just my opinion, an argument you can make is, you'll just trade up from the T4i when the time is right, so buying the T4i can help you collect lenses for the future...than sure. I'm not going to fight that. Just know that T4i doesn't have a built in AF motor, and you're going to end up looking for a lot of USM lenses some probably specific for the T4i's sensor, and when you DO upgrade, those lenses may or may not come in handy, depending on what you upgrade to.

Yes..lengthy, but hope it helps.

pr3ciouzboi - 3-1-2013 at 10:28 PM

Thank you for your valuable input.

I actually did look at a few review videos on both products and it seems that the size as well as the intense fast burst shots of the NEX5 are some of the key features i like. as for pictures, i tend to lean more towards the canon even though you are right, you have to replace the lens on the t4i quiet often based on the light conditions which I am not really fond of.

To me, I just want to do a "one time" investment and go with what I have. I might probably even go with the 7D which cost a little bit more than the t4i bundle but again, based on some reviews as well your opinion, I might save a little bit longer and to go for a better solution.

To answer your question, I am not planning to go pro, but when taking pictures, I would like to take pictures that require little if not any editing work afterwards. I hope you understand what I mean.

If I were to go with the 7D, it comes with the EF 28-135mm lens. Would you be able to tell me what kind of shots I could do with those?

Any forums that lists lenses & settings along with image examples would be great.

ShogunGT - 3-2-2013 at 07:38 AM

Based on many things....I can't exactly give you a specific answer. A lot of this whole "one lens" ideal depends on what you intend to shoot. Portrait shooting would be better if you had a lens with a wider aperture. This will give you an opportunity to shoot with more depth of field. At the same time, also know if you really want that bokeh (or as Kai says it : "BOWL-keh") effect, then for sure, this lens may not necessarily give you any of that.

28-135 is just a standard lens that lets you do a lot of basic shooting. I don't know why they start at 28mm cause usually that's where Full Frame starts..but that's beyond the point. Ideally, with a zoom lens like this, you can get MOST photos taken. Again, depends on how creative you are with it. Different aperture/shutter/ISO settings can yield some different results. There is no real "fixed formula" unless you are trying to do a specific type of shot. I've tried using a 7D once, and it is actually quite a chunky camera. It's a huge meaty camera, with a really strong "feel" to it. The versatility though, is a different story. You do have the chance to use lenses without a built in AF motor, so that should be a huge plus for you.

Forums..for lenses...uh...I know nikon has a nikon rumours site..I believe Canon has one too. Otherwise, can always try dpreview, or DigitalRevTV. A standard kit lens is not a bad way to start. Give yourself more time to discover what your shooting style is, and what you expect to get out of photography. I don't want to point you at a specific shooting style, because your style != my style. However, an occasional search for a specific product on youtube or google should give you some new insight.

I know I'm purposefully being ambiguous, but that's because it's a huge investment on a topic I can't help you answer straight-forwardly. Good luck though.

pr3ciouzboi - 3-6-2013 at 08:43 PM

Thanks again for your feedback. I guess I willl hold off a little bit longer and see what will be more convenient for me. If the bulkiness of the camera won't bother me, I will go with a DSLR. Which one I will still have to decide, otherwise, I will go with the Sony one. Until then, I will continue to look around on the previous posts on outie as well internet.